Prisma AI App: Sometimes Less is More

Many Prisma filters are a bit too much. Sometimes it's nice to use them at 50% or less intensity for a lighter touch.

Prisma AI App: Sometimes Less is More

The above photo is mildly interesting visually. However, if I were to upload it to my profile on Unsplash, it would definitely be rejected. Likewise, if I tried to put it out via my shops on RedBubble or Society6, it would never sell.

But, I can still create something eye-catching for sharing via my social media. My favorite app for this purpose is Prisma AI. It's a fast way to get many high quality variations. I run through various filters, save the ones I like, and then go through them on the desktop to prune down to the best ones.

The filters are meant to be quite wild and crazy. Sometimes it's a bit much. However, one beautiful thing about Prisma is that you can adjust the intensity. I like how these ones below came out. However, if you dial it down too far, then it just looks like a weird photo and the artistic touch is lost.

Here's what I came up with this time:

What do you think? Should I have dialed up the effect intensity more or do you like this lighter touch?