Portra: Another Fantastic Art Filter App

Introducing another excellent artistic effect filter app that can help create compelling versions of your photos.

Portra: Another Fantastic Art Filter App

Created in Spring 2017 by Korean developer, Playlist Corporation, Portra is an app which lets you turn a photo into a watercolor, oil painting, or sketch. It doesn't have an endless forest of filters like Prisma, but the ones it offers are excellent. It includes a composition frame and sliders to make minor adjustments.

As of the time of writing, the app hasn't been updated on iOS since September 2017 and for Android since August 2017. There is a high chance that they couldn't find ways to make it financially sustainable, so abandoned it. Unfortunately, this is a common scenario - even for some of the best apps.

It still works on my iPhone XS Max and people are still leaving rave reviews on the respective app stores. Let's hope the developer find the capacity to revisit it for further development.

Below are four photos of Japanese Buddhist temples followed by a version created using Portra.