Photos Taken Around Minato, Tokyo

Various photos I took around Tokyo's Minato City using an iPhone 8 and iPhone XS Max. Working on my composition skills!

Photos Taken Around Minato, Tokyo

About Minato

Minato is one of Tokyo's 23 wards (a kind of municipality). It has population of 240,000 and an area of about 20 km2. Minato hosts a large number of embassies, has the offices of many major companies, five-star hotels, big temples, commercial, and residential areas. It's probably one of the most international parts of Japan in terms of presence of foreign-owned businesses and residents who are foreign nationals.

"Minato" means "bay," and you can see one of the photos is of Tokyo Bay. More info about Minato on Wikipedia.

Tools Used

  • Camera: The shop window and city skyline shots were taken witn an iPhone 8. The rest with an iPhone XS Max (website, Amazon).
  • Photolemur: Mac/Windows app that attempts to auto-enhance photos using AI (website).
  • TouchRetouch: Great for removing objects, damage, noise, or blemishes (website, iOS, Mac).
  • BeFunky: Used their de-noising and smoothing effects for skies and HDR to give the buildings some more life (website, iOS, Android).

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