Artistic Take on an Overhead Walkway, Saitama, Japan

An attempt to find someting artistic and visually interesting in an overhead pedestrian walkway located in Saitama, Japan.

Artistic Take on an Overhead Walkway, Saitama, Japan

About the Location

Saitama Prefecture is north of Tokyo. Most overhead walkways I've encountered in Japan thus far weren't fully enclosed like this one. I thought the lines might make an interesting perspective photo.


Below is the original photo followed by various artsy versions.


I like the look of this shot better, probably because it has the sun setting in the background and the frame fits the shape of the walkway enclosure better. Again, the original is followed by the filtered versions.

Tools Used

  • Camera: iPhone XS Max (website, Amazon).
  • Photolemur: Mac/Windows app that attempts to auto-enhance photos using AI (website).
  • TouchRetouch: Great for removing objects, damage, noise, or blemishes (website, Android, iOS, Mac).
  • BeFunky: App for editing photos that also includes various artistic filters (web app, Android, iOS).


Free, hi-res versions of my best photos are available on Pexels (largest selection of my pics), Unsplash (most), and Pixabay (just a few because they're stricter!).


I didn't feel any of these were worthwhile offering as prints, but you can find some of my other works on RedBubble and Society6.