Oilist: Not Just Another AI Filter App

A quick look at one of the hottest AI-powered art apps for iOS. Tempts me to buy an iPad Pro.

Oilist: Not Just Another AI Filter App

Oilist is an AI-powered iOS app that goes beyond applying a filter. Like a real human artist, it refers to the original photo and creates a sketch or painting of it. Another great feature is that it can output in 4k resolution, which means it will be usable for prints.

​Oilist has over 45 styles, each with three different levels of abstraction. Just like a human, Oilist creates unique results each time. As it works, you can capture 4k resolution images as often as you like.

Since it uses the device to render, newer ones will naturally be faster. The brush strokes are quite detailed, so will look better on a larger screen. These factors tempt me to consider buying the top end iPad Pro just for this app alone!

Below are artworks by Oilist and the original photos below them.

Here's the original photo of the first one above. It's a vegan avocado sandwich at the Slow Plant-Based Cafe, Koshigaya, Saitama, Japan.

Next, this was a ceramic statue on a suburban house's yard wall in Koshigaya, Saitama, Japan.

And, here's the original taken with my iPhone XS Max using Portrait Mode. According to Apple,

"Portrait mode captures depth information that lets you adjust the depth of field and add creative Portrait Lighting effects."

This is a street in the Kanda area of Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward:

And, I love how it turned out via Oilist:

Upon reflection, I probably should have let it "cook" a bit longer to have more detail. This is why I'd like a more powerful device - so that I can change different variables and go through them quicker.