Taking Better Photos Lately

A few things I've been doing lately to improve my photos including shooting techniques, editing, and tools.

Taking Better Photos Lately
  1. Composition: Using the grids on my iPhone XS Max when shooting to follow the Rule of Thirds and make more interesting compositions.
  2. Decluttering: Once I choose a photo I'd like to keep, I remove items that create clutter or distraction using TouchRetouch. For example, in this photo, I removed several lines that were detracting from the perspective.
  3. De-noising: Not so much for this shot, but for night photos, I've been using Topaz Labs' Denoise AI tool. It not only removes noise, but can also add in detail and lines that were lost to the blur/noise. Best to do before working on colors, lighting, etc.
  4. Optimizing Colors: I run all my photos through Photolemur, which does a bunch of adjustments. It's excellent, but can leave sky blues and plant greens over-saturated, so I use Photos for macOS to selectively turn down the saturation on the blues and greens.
  5. Filters: I've long been a fan of BeFunky's various artistic filters (examples below). These are quick and easy to apply. I've also started experimenting with photographic filters by Polarr (example: the featured image above).