Tokyo Imagery

Growing up in Australia, I studied Japanese and developed an interest in the country. I moved to Tokyo in the late 90s and have been here since!

I mainly shoot landscape, urban, and nature scenes. All my works are released to the public domain via the CC0 license.

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What is included in your NFTs?

Each of my NFTs corresponds with a set of 15 pictures; an original photograph + 14 artistic derivations. Your purchase gives you the following IPFS-hosted files.

  • 4k Set: ZIP file containing 15 JPG files suitable for use as hi-res wallpapers or slideshows.

  • 10k Set: ZIP file containing 15 JPG files suitable for large prints or outdoor projections.

Does buying the NFT give me copyright to the images?

No. These images have already been released to the public domain via the CC0 license.

Does buying the NFT give me exclusive access to the files?

No. These images are available via multiple platforms.

What is the value of these NFTs?

Value is decided by the market, but I would put forward the following attributes.

  1. Function: You can think of each of my NFTs as the digital equivalent of an autographed copy of my work.

  2. Uniqueness: There is only ever one NFT minted per picture set.

  3. Historical: Over time, you will notice a progression in my works, including aesthetic style and evolution in what the tools I use are capable of producing.

As for how my NFTs might appreciate in value, you may consider the following factors.

  1. Exposure: The value of an art NFT is in direct proportion to the notability of the work represents. For this reason, I release everything via the CC0 license through multiple platforms, which maximizes the potential for exposure. You might see my pictures used anywhere from a humble blog to a Fortune 100 company's billboard.

  2. Notability: By regularly sharing my works via multiple platforms, I'm gradually building my name as an artist.

  3. Longevity: I'm in this for the long haul, so you can expect to see my brand grow and evolve.

What about the environmental issues with NFTs?

My NFTs are set up to be minted via OpenSea using the Ethereum blockchain. OpenSea uses "lazy minting," which means that the NFT is not minted until it is purchased for the first time.

As of the time of writing, the Ethereum blockchain developers are working on Ethereum version 2.0, which will be far more energy-efficient. I'm not expecting to make any sales until Ethereum 2.0 is deployed.

I have further question — how can I get in touch?

I can be reached via DMs on Instagram or Twitter @dlkrlife or feel free to email [email protected].

Last Update: May 30, 2021